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The foundation of any new concept or idea has to be on good solid grounds while leaving a lot of room for flexibility for expansion. The foundation for this site was firmly entrenched in exploring the world of rummy, but we were also determined to leave room for exploring all the dynamic aspects of the game.

The foundation of this website can therefore be described as a solid platform for information regarding Rummy Online Games with a flexible option to expand the purpose to suit the changing scenario. As you continue to browse through this site, you will find that apart from the goldmine of information for Indian rummy fans here, the love and dedication of the site's founders for the game of rummy also becomes obvious.

The site will take you through what we consider to be the rummy world, how to identify a rummy clan and what is the meaning of virtual rummy. Once you have gone through all the inputs and insights we have provided here, you can judge for yourself whether we have been successful in laying the right foundation for this site or not.

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13 May 2013

When you are playing online rummy, the topmost goal on your mind is that of having as much fun as possible. To that end one of the main things that you need to do is find a site that will Read more

29 April 2013

Now that we all know that Indian rummy is a game based on skills rather than just chance we need to know what are the skills that need. We will take you through the skills required and how you can Read more

3 April 2013

Indian Rummy Online has become quite popular with the advent of many sites like Classic Rummy coming up in the web world. Since we as a country have always shown a preference for playing this simple yet interesting game with Read more

20 March 2013

Do you want to enjoy playing Indian rummy in the complete sense? Then one of the things that is not negotiable in this regard is your grasp of the rules of the game. You may wonder what knowing the rules Read more

8 March 2013

The term right on the money has been used to denote that something is exactly right or perfectly suitable. With this meaning in mind we can definitely say that rummy offers are right on the money. Rummy offers from sites Read more

Recent Posts